AcCie vs ToCo: 30 seconds

Last Sunday the AcCie challenged the ToCo for a game of 30 seconds! It had to be in English which is the native language of the ToCo, so the AcCie had to compensate for this deficit because speaking English is not their strongest side ;-P The committees went hand in hand, but the AcCie had a small lead for a long time, but the ToCo came closer and closer. In the end it was very exciting, because the committees were very close and the dice made it hard to finish. The ToCo guessed three correct words and then had to threw the dice. It turned out to be zero, which ensured that they just came out exactly and finished. Too bad for the AcCie who were 2 places away from the finish... The preases from the ToCo decided it was necessary to play the song “All I do is win” from DJ Khaled. So the loss for the AcCie became even more acidic. But we remain still friends because we have to organize the family tournament together, so always remember “We’re all in this together!”.

AcCie vs ToCo: 30 seconds

AcCie vs ToCo: 30 seconds

Afgelopen zondag daagde de AcCie de ToCo uit voor een potje 30 seconds! Het moest in het Engels wat de moedertaal is van de ToCo, dus de...


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