♥ Roses for Valentine ♥

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24 Jan 2023 11:10 - 5 Feb 2023 12:00

♥ Roses for Valentine ♥

Dear OwlMoessies,

Valentine’s day is the day to celebrate romantic love, friendship and admiration❤️. Do you want to spoil your loved one with a beautiful rose? 🌹

This is your opportunity! You can order your rose for your valentine for +/-€3.50. You can also add a special touch by ordering a Groene Uilen- Moestasj condom to go with it!! This will be +/-€1,- extra.  Place your order before February 5th at 12:00.

To order a rose please fill in this form  https://forms.gle/wSkqKK1XRXV71Fi89. If you have any questions please text someone from the accie. 



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