Geef om Gambia

We have traveled 269,44 kilometers with the charity run!!

In total we have raised €1765,00 with the events that have already taken place!

(Last update: 09/05/2021, 22:45)

May is charity month!

We will make a collective effort to raise as much money as possible for Geef om Gambia (Translated: Care for Gambia) during the month May. This will be done with multiple activities.

Geef om Gambia is a foundation that cares for hospitals, schools and families in Gambia. The foundation helps by collecting money and essential resources. These recourses are shipped to Gambia. This way they already set up multiple successful projects where they educate the local population so they can become more independent. An example of this is the finished building of a hospital which is now completely run by locals.

Currently, they are building a school where children can learn English so they have a good opportunity for further education. We, G.S.B.V. De Groene Uilen – Moestasj, are going to help building this school. They don’t have enough money to build the roof of the school and they also need money to ship the school supplies to Gambia. Let’s work together and finish that school! How can you help?
Sign up for all the charity activities in May and share the GoFundMe!



Board collecting empty bottles and crates: On April 29 and 30 we will drive around in a van to take empty crates and bottles to Albert Heijn Helperplein. There is a stand from which all money goes to Geef om Gambia!

Charity run: The charity run is an activity where we will encourage our members to run a (minimal) distance of 10 kilometers for as many times as possible. They have the opportunity to run from 7th till (and including) the 9th of May. We hope that many people will support this initiative.

People will have the possibility to support the Charity run by making a direct donation to the GoFundMe.
100% of the yield of this event will be donated to Geef om Gambia.

Pubquiz: A pub quiz with the theme 'Gambia' will be held on 8 May. This is organized by the AcCie and they promise to make it a great evening. It costs 3 euros to participate. This money will of course go to Geef om Gambia. Would you like to donate more? Please indicate this in the comments.

Lottery: On the 13th of May there will be a lottery where around 20 unique items will be raffled. We have a lot of duplicates from some items, so you have a good chance of winning a price! The items were mainly recieved from sponsors and other companies that wanted to contribute to this initiative. We are very grateful for them. We are hoping to sell as many lottery tickets as possible, because just as for the charity run 100% of the yield of the tickes sale will be donated to Geef om Gambia.

Food delivery service: On 17 May, the board will work as home delivery couriers and real chefs. The revenue that will be made this evening will go entirely to Geef om Gambia! How beautiful? Ordering food and supporting a good cause at the same time !?

Online drink and games: The drink will be the last event of the charity month! On May 28, you can enjoy (if you bought some) a lovely drink and ofcourse meet up with your friends but you can also challenge each other for games with a donation to Gambia! This is completely voluntary, so you can of course also play a game without bet. At the end of the drink will be announced how much money has been raised in the charity month!

For some more details about particular activities (such as current yield, amount of kilometers traveled, dates, etc.) we would invite you to visit one of the pages of the activity that is concerned.

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