Record Committee

The 25-hour committee aims to achieve a new Dutch record which is to play basketball for more than 24 hours. To break this record, a team consisting of 12 players will play games against others for 25 hours.

The committee will facilitate everything for the record, such as sponsors, an hall but also setting up a vital basketball team. This team will be a mix of ladies en men’s. The basketball team will be carefully selected and in addition they are well prepared.

Do you want to join? Let the committee know! In December we will start forming the team.

Starting from Friday the 24th of June until Saturday the 25th, the team will play ball to break this record. To prepare for these games, the team will practice from February onwards to get superfit and to get to know each other. Professionals and the enthusiastic committee we will make sure these 25 hours will fly by!

If you have questions or suggestions, please send an email to

Volunteers are also welcome, in the shape of referee’s, people who want to do table duties and help for the committee.

25hours Committee

Soeraya El Hag Chairwoman
Linde Wasser Vice Chairwoman
Renée Lucia Roelofsen Secretary
David Jaap Scholten Treasurer
Eve Amberlee Siland External Affairs

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