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Introduction Activities
Introductie Commissie 2019-2020
25 okt. 2019 17:00:00
27 okt. 2019 14:00:00
Tweehek Recreatie

This weekend will be full of fun activities, games, and of course beer! It is the perfect opportunity to meet people from outside your team and to get to know each other.

Registrations will open on the 29th of September at 20:00 until the 16th of October at 20:00. There are a limited amount of tickets available, so make sure you sign up fast. The first to sign up will receive a special prize for the weekend! New members have priority and should buy the 'newbie' ticket. If you're planning one staying one night: please state so in the comments. People who stay the whole weekend have priority. 
Cancellations are possible until the 20th of October. After this, you will be fully charged for the weekend.
The weekend will cost around 55 euros. The definitive amount will be determined afterwards. 

WebCie note: If you didn't have the chance to buy a Newbie ticket but you are a first year member please make sure to get a Newbie ticket. We changed the filter so more first year member should see this option. If you still don't see the option mail the webcie or the IntroCie to fix this. 








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