Game night out

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31 jan. 2020 20:00 - 23:00
Grand Café Time Out

Game night out

Dear Owls and Moessies, 

The AcCie introduces: GAME NIGHT OUT! 

We want to invite you all to Grand Café Time Out (Poelestraat 34-36) on January 31st at 20:00h. There you will have the fun opportunity to connect with other members. A chance to showcase your knowledge, compete head-to-head, work as a team and make new friends. 

Just an old-fashioned game night out with our beloved members! 

We would like to see you there! 

And don’t forget to bring your own games and game mode on! 


Pupildou, Chuppeveld, Sliv, Friedje en Saadje

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