Home game day: Valentine

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Activiteiten Commissie 2019-2020
Datum en tijd
8 feb. 2020 12:00 - 22:00
Willem Alexander Sportcentrum

Home game day: Valentine

Dear Owls/Moessies❤,

Valentine's day is almost there and love is in the air at the Groene Uilen - Moestasj. We're gonna celebrate it next Home Game Day Saturday the 8th of February! Once again we will be there with our amazing half-time games, tosti's and on this special occasion to deliver roses to your crush! Below you will find two links. The first one is for the monthly paper and is all about our cute couples, so please everyone fill this one in: https://forms.gle/2gxcASUB2QSXMqyi6 We will post the results during the home game day

The second link is for our true romantic members who want to show their love and affection with a rose. In this link you can order a rose for your (secret) lover for only €2: https://forms.gle/dvAGXtCxq3H6SB6C9

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