March Home Gameday

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Activiteiten Commissie 2018-2019
Datum en tijd
23 mrt. 2019 12:00 - 22:00

This Upcoming home game day will be the 23th of March. Since the weather has been so lovely lately, the daffodils already popped up and the bunnies are hupsing real happy. The grocery stores are already filled for some time with the tiny little chocolate treats in all sorts of flavours. Therefore it is time to celebrate Easter as well in the WAS. So hide your easter eggs, and bring your bunnies upcoming Home Game Day. 

We’ll start the day with ladies 6 and Mens 7. Hereafter ladies 5 and the derby Men's 6 against Moestasj Men's 2. We will end the day with ladies 1! 

So stay all day and cheer for your buds! 

You can also win lots of team points on this day. For example by performing a hooligan service or helping the AcCie with making tosti’s! Let's get it on! 

We'll then move the party to De Doos for a Pajama Party!

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