Mix tournament - 3x3 edition


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Toernooi Commissie 2018-2019
Datum en tijd
18 apr. 2019 19:00 - 22:00
Willem Alexander Sportcentrum

Are you ready for the 3rd Mix tournament! Since it's the 3rd Mix tournament, we decided to spice things up and have it a 3-on-3 Tournament. 3x3 is a faster, more spectacular type of basketball in which one-on-one skills are very important! The tournament will showcase and outline the rules of 3x3 for the upcoming 3x3 Streetball Masters on the 22nd of April. The teams will (just like the other mix tournaments) be mixed. 
Do not miss out the great opportunity of playing with smaller teams so that we all get to know each other even more! Sign-up now on the website! https://www.groeneuilenmoestasj.nl/evenementen/mix-tournament-3x3


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