The Last Dance

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Lustrum Committee
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22 apr. 2023 22:00 - 23 apr. 2023 05:00
Grandcafé De 2 Jongens

Have you also always wondered why there is not yet a documentary made about your owlsome basketball skills?🏀 Do you feel like you are the undiscovered Jordan, or the hidden Pippen? Do you wish to be more like Rodman? Well this is your chance! 
We are heading towards the end of our first lustrum week and hereby the announcement of the last party: The Last Dance! If you are still standing after the Tip Off party, an amazing secret-activity, the alumni-tournament (and drinks) and the Buzzer Beater HomeGameDay, the LuCo is impressed with your stamina and we believe that you are the perfect candidate for the next Netflix documentary! So, show your best moves and your best BlueOrange-Lustrum outfit at The Last Dance party and who knows who will discover you!🍻

The LuCo


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