Moestasj MSE 3

Moestasj MSE 3

Competitie: Mannen senioren 3e klasse

Coaches Moestasj MSE3

Piter Brouwer -
Danielle Kerkhof -

Moestasj MSE3 | 23-24

Matthieu Erren #2 | Forward
Bram Klaver #4 | Guard
Tygo Jansen #6 | Guard/Forward
Gijs Binkhorst #8 | Center
Daniël Scheepstra #9 | Guard/Forward
Matteüs Saado #10 | Guard
Mehmet Vecdi Mr. Gönül #11 | Guard
Thomas Doornkamp #12 | Forward
Tyler Angler #13 | Point Guard
Berk Alan Gedzik #21 | Guard
Roy Meijering #24 | Forward
Jitze Kiestra #83 | Center
Olivier Leenders #51 | Center (Practice Member)
Catalin Zaharia Center (Practice Member)
Ibrahim Loftus Forward (Practice Member)
Aksel Kohen #88 | Center (Practice Member)

Team Introductie

Hello Everyone!
Meet Moestasj Men’s 3, a mix of the old Moestasj Men’s 3; Green Owls Men’s 7 and our new amazing members who just joined us. Under the leadership of our coaches, we are doing big things. What things do we do? Ask us and find out. Our coaches are Kaan, Mert and Rick. Or as we call them, our guides. We are steadily growing in our play because of not only our coaches, but the mental support from the guest in our group chat: Moudon Thai! Moestasj Men’s 3 is an amazing team with strong personalities. To finish: Our goal this year is to win the derby battle against Green Owls Men's 6!


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