De Groene Uilen MSE 4

De Groene Uilen MSE 4

Competitie: Mannen senioren 2e klasse

Coaches De Groene Uilen MSE4

Mark Huender -
Patrick Vogel -

De Groene Uilen MSE4 | 22-23

Roy Beverwijk #6 | Forward
Rik Lubbers #7 | Center
Jonas van Ginkel #9 | Forward
Jesse van Kuppeveld #15 | Forward
Marti Mas Clua #16 | Guard
Rodrigo Rosado #17 | Guard
Bas Patberg #19 | Center
Tycho Bron #23 | Forward
Roelof van de Riet Practice member
Boele Leezenberg #66 | Guard
Tom Potze #99 | Forward
Teodor Andre Mistodinis Guard
Elias Eckardt Forward
Dinos Sevdalakis Practice Member

Team Introductie

For a number of years, Men's 4 has been immensely popular within the Netherlands.

This is thanks to those players that have been playing for several seasons in the absolute top of the "Men's Seniors 2nd Division". A solid core, consisting of players such as Bas, Jesse, Roy, Tom, Rob, Roelof and Jonas is now blindly playing in harmony. This news is also spreading beyond the borders of the Netherlands. Last summer, it has led Heren 4 to attract a number of foreign players to hopefully win the championship. Coaches Mayke and Jente have said the following in an interview with the Uilenbal: "Last summer, we were able to provide our selection with a quality injection. Our extensive scouting apparatus has discovered Titus in Uganda and immediately contracted him. This also happened with Rokas who used to be famous in Lithuania and Theodor who has been playing top basketball in Romania for years. Rodrigo was recruited from Portugal but the largest transfer amount was reserved for Gabriele from Italy. He immediately lived up to his transfer value by scoring 36 points against the always tough Sietsema Highlanders. Furthermore, we are extremely happy with the recruitment of Joris and Boele, who have immediately proven their value in and outside the field!"  

These developments sure are promising, so make sure to check us out for the remainder of the season!


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