Moestasj VSE 1

Moestasj VSE 1

Competitie: Vrouwen senioren 1e klasse

Coaches Moestasj VSE1

Selma ten Broek -
Chris Wiersema -

Moestasj VSE1

Marieke Bregman #13 | Center
Esther De Boer #9 | Forward
Lisette van Wijk #15 | Forward
Eve Amberlee Siland #6 | Center
Aliya Al Uariachi #16 | Center
Rianne Durkstra #4 | Guard
Irene Westerdijk Martín #3 | Forward
Silver Roossien #17 | Forward
Nour Taki #32 | Guard
Ilse Ottens #30 | Guard
Jet Winter Practice member
Kim den Hoedt Practice member
Analeyda Castellanos #1 | Guard
Iris Huizinga #21 | Forward
Valeria Annalena Schult-Richter -
Chris Wiersema Coach
Selma ten Broek Coach

Team Introductie

The bright and shiny new Moestasj Ladies 1 team brought GUM representation to a new competitive level. With a mix of ladies that last year represented a variety of different Moestasj and Groene Uilen teams, we bring a new level of energy, excitement, and love to the game and the association. We are an international team representing The Netherlands, Lebanon, Morocco, and Spain, as well as a team that is active in the association representing coaches of various levels, board members, and committee members. What makes our team unique is not only the exceptional effort that we put into the game through each practice, and each match, but also the effort that we put into each other as individuals. We have a unique bond that proves that basketball is truly more than the game itself, it’s also about team spirit even when the game isn’t on. Thanks to the guidance and support by coach Chris and coach Selma, we leave every match feeling like winners, even though the scoreboard sometimes tends to say otherwise.


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