Moestasj MSE 2

Moestasj MSE 2

Competitie: Mannen senioren 3e klasse

Coaches Moestasj MSE2

Stefan Nieuwenhuis -
Bram Rossen -

Moestasj MSE2

Tim Leemeijer #5 | Center
Robin Deegens #16 | Forward
Eelco Blaauw #32 | Guard
Boris Cnossen #22 | Forward
Dirk Cnossen #23 | Guard
Thomas Merijn Swaving #42 | Forward
Justin Uitendaal #99 | Forward/center
Stepan Zaretckii #57 | Guard
Moudon Thai #89 | Forward
Sjors Luning #6 | Forward
Rick Rossewij #4 | Guard
Stijn Mols Practice member
Olle Odijk Practice member

Team Introductie

Playing for Moestasj Men's 2, you get the best of two worlds: the old and the new. For years, the team didn’t have a coach and we had to get by with an international mix of (super) old veterans and young bloods. We were winning some games and kept the memory of the old club (Moestasj) alive, but always knew that new players and a coach were needed to take the next step.

That’s in the past: two absolute bosses, Bram and Stefan, have stepped in as coaches to lead the team to glory. Since they arrived, the team has played twelve games and won eleven. Nuff said. More importantly: they like beer. Our biggest opponent so far has been the pandemic, but whenever regulations are lifted and we can play and party like we used to, Moestasj H2 is ready to kick ass on and off the court.


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