Moestasj VSE 2

Moestasj VSE2

Competitie: Vrouwen senioren 2e klasse

Coaches Moestasj VSE2

Esther De Boer -
Ruby Karsten -

Moestasj VSE2

Sanni Suhonen #51 | Center
Laureen Eggink #5 | Guard/center
Beau Bruins Slot #3 | Forward
Natascha Voigtländer #10 | Forward
Lonneke Mulder #22 | Forward
Josse Laan #23 | Guard/forward
Lotte Groenendijk #91 | Forward
Tess Custers #11 | Guard
Maureen Wachtmeester #9 | Forward
Roos Everts #? | Forward
Elise Schilt Practice member
Teresa Radig # | Guard

Team Introduction

Hi there fellow Owl-Moessies (to be)! 

We are the amazing and very gezellige Moestasj Ladies 2! We are a motivated team that aspires to show up to every practice and game as we all want to improve our techniques: in the end, all of us keep learning new things and tricks every week! We all add something valuable to the team like coaching skills, shooting techniques, warm up drills, enthusiasm or gossip ;) However, off the field (and sometimes on too, sorry coaches) we joke around and like to stay updated on each other's life. Our team consists of very active members; we have members that are part of the board or a committee and we all try to attend every Owl Moessie activity there is (and lucky for us there are many!). Even outside the association we manage to keep in touch by going out, playing mario kart or shooting hoops at the ACLO or outside!  We have not one, not two but THREE captains; which is just the more fun. Laureen, Beau and Lotte are responsible for the chaos that arises during (or outside of) practices. Lonneke and Josse are doing an amazing job at keeping all their (basket)balls in the air by being board members AND attending every single practice. Natascha and Teresa form a lethal combo of not letting ANYONE through in defense but passing everyone in offense. Roos can jump like a frog (including her legs in the movement, a real skill). You will never see Maureen without a smile. If you lost your ball, it’s probably because Eline stole it from you. You can always find Sanni under the basket. And besides being a very motivational player, Tess scores a great lay up. We would be nothing without our amazing coaches though: Ruby and Esther, who both are insanely skilled in basketball (and, as it turns out, in dancing on saturday nights). See you on the court!


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