De Groene Uilen VSE 2

De Groene Uilen D2
Team De Groene Uilen VSE 2 (2021-2022)

De Groene Uilen VSE 2

Competitie: Vrouwen Eerste Divisie

Coaches Groene Uilen VSE2

Casper Blokzijl -
Patrick Sinning -

Groene Uilen VSE2

Maxime Larooy -
Selma ten Broek -
Saïda Nanninga -
Ruby Karsten -
Kim Huizinga -
Laura Huizinga -
Mayke Posthouwer -
Lisa Johanna Pheifer -
Anna Belfadla -
Loïs Sinnige -
Nienke Laeven -
Süreya Güney Güney -
Lena Schönthaler Game member

Team Introduction


We really like to introduce you this season's Groene Uilen Ladies 2. We are a very fanatic and hard-working team at which there is also room for fun and social activities! You can find us not only on the field, but also on our Instagram page which has over 1000 followers! The last few years we played in the second division. In this competition, we finished our last season at the top of the competition. Through our experience gathered during that season, we decided to play in the first division! A division with many new challenges, which challenge us to grow as a team. The nicest thing about our team is that we have players with many different qualities. By bringing all our qualities together, we try to get better every game. With coach Patrick in the lead next to the field, and Casper as our media man, we believe to be able to get some work in, this season. Come visit our games and who knows, you might see us win our next game!

With love, Groene Uilen Ladies 2

Social-Media Pagina's 

De Groene Uilen Dames 2 zal het komende de jaar een eigen Facebookpagina en Instagram bijhouden. Via de linkjes hieronder kun je ze liken om up-to-date te blijven over dit gouden team.


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