De Groene Uilen VSE 3

De Groene Uilen VSE 3

Competitie: Vrouwen senioren 1e klasse

Coaches Groene Uilen VSE3

Kaj Reker -
Loïs Sinnige -
Groene Uilen D3

Groene Uilen VSE3

Olena Vasyltsova #5 | Guard
Anna Lena Weisselberg #6 | Center
Carlinde Zijlstra #41 | Center
Famke van Malsen #25 | Power forward
Liset Ottens #3 | Point guard
Yara van de Kreke #29 | Center
Floor Trip #8 | Small forward
Marina Ocaña #9 | Point guard
Aalyyah Cade #10 | Small Forward
Celine Luteijn Practice member
Valeria Annalena Schult-Richter -
Deniz Soydan #13 | Power forward
Simone Scholma #15 | Power forward

Team introductie

Hi, we are ladies 3!

We are a pretty new team whereas everyone, except for 2 girls, are new to the club. Some of us played together before and made the decision to switch clubs! So even though some of us joined as a group, the forming of a new team went very smoothly. From the get-go, the ‘spark’ was there. Everyone gets along as a group and individually!

So, even though a lot of us didn’t know each other yet, we became very close in the last couple of months. We love to attend GUM parties and have nice team nights which include eating Appeltaart and making Churros.
The problem most new teams experience is having trouble getting to know each other on the court, but somehow we managed to get to know each other on the basketball court very fast as well. From the first game on we played together as a team, who would’ve expected that?! Although there is always room for improvement and not every game goes as planned, we’re all very proud on what we have accomplished as a team so far! 

We’re all looking forward to continue playing with each other and improving further as a team!


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