Moestasj MSE 1


Moestasj MSE 1

Competitie: Mannen senioren 2e klasse

Coaches Moestasj MSE1

Loïs Sinnige -
Anna Lena Weisselberg -
Carlinde Zijlstra -

Moestasj MSE1 | 22-23

Tuvdee Suren #2 | Guard/Forward
David Yuen #3 | Forward
Djon Berghorst #4 | Guard
Thomas Dijkstra #5 | Forward
Teun Wasser #7 | Forward
Hein Arisz #8 | Guard
Jasper Hetmeier #11 | Center
Niek Buitenhuis #12 | Guard
Joost Broek #13 | Forward
Paul Kölling #22 | Forward
Patrick Vogel #33 | Guard/Forward
Jael Kuizenga #9 | Forward
Bram Klaver Practice Member
Ysbrand Heerze Practice Member
Eelco Blaauw Practice Member
Biko Barneveld Practice Member

Team Introductie

This year, Moestasj 1 is back better than ever. With familiar faces joined by some of last year’s men’s 5 players and some promising new faces, the team surely proves to be surprising. Taking on yet again the Groninger second class competition, we’re facing some challenging teams that have played together for ions. Be sure to check us out at one of our homegames to see how we’re facing that challenge.


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