De Groene Uilen MSE 2

De Groene Uilen MSE 2

Competitie: ​Mannen Tweede Divisie

Coaches Groene Uilen MSE2

Emiel Adema -
Jos Boonstra -

De Groene Uilen MSE2 | 23-24

Mart Veenstra #0 | Forward
Joost Jungman #1 | Forward/Center
Binne Pieter-Geert Rijpkema #4 | Guard
Lard de Jong #8 | Center
Daan Swaving #09 | Center
Dionysos Victor Daniël Hekkers #11 | Guard/Forward
Dimitar Dimitrovski #13 | Forward
Noah Robin Tinga #27 | Guard
Eduardo Losasso #28 | Guard
Thijs Jungman #29 | Forward
Frank van Hezel #47 | Forward/Center
Cees Jelle Bregman #86 | Forward

Team Introductie

During these tough times, we think it’s very important to highlight the positive things in life -

like thescore differences at the end of all of our home games! UNDEFEATED AT HOME YOU GET ME?!

Yes, you heard it right, no one has been able to conquer our home grounds yet! Of course this shouldn’t come as a surprise, with our mix of veterans and rookies we have plenty of different play styles to throw at our opponents. With our ‘Captain Redbeard’ Menno, our on-court leader in David ‘the Crimson Chin’ and our international talent Jannis, among other soldiers, we’ve truly become the team to beat at the WAS this season. Keeping in mind that talents such as Julian and Cees are back from injury, the men’s 2 home games should really be the games to look out for when the stands open again, as Biggies “Where the party at?” has kind of become a rhetorical question.


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