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11 mrt. 2022 10:00 - 19 mrt. 2022 10:00
Foux D'Allos, France

It is time again for the most amazing week of the year and of course we are talking about the Ski Trip!! An amazing opportunity to ski or snowboard for a whole week with your friends from the Owls and Moessies. Enjoy the snow, the mountains, the sun and lost of beer!! You do not want to miss out on this week, so sign up soon!

Some information:
-    When: 11 MAR 2022 – 19 MAR 2022
-    Where: Foux D’Allos, France
-    Price: €435 including the following:

  • 6 day ski pass
  • Accommodation for 7 nights with bedding and towels
  • Apres-ski and themed parties
  • STUWI sweater
  • Including transfer

-    Number of km piste: 230

Extra costs:
-    If you are not a student that graduated last year or if you are not a student that graduated last year and you are older then 25 (note: if you are a student but 25+, this does not count for you) , you will have to pay an additional €75
-    If you do not have a ACLO card you will have to pay an additional €25 
-    10 hours of ski/snowboard lessons are €135 
-    You can rent a helmet €15
-    If you want to rent skis or a snowboard, prices start at €90

Registrations will be open on the 7th of November at 17.00 until the 17th of November at 20.00. There are limited amount of tickets available, so make sure you sign up fast. Cancellations are possible until the 17th of November.


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