Tryouts 2022

Tryouts 2022

In the week of August 22 (2022), two tryouts will be organized to provide potential OwlMoessies with the opportunity to show off their skills and potentially become members! So, if you would like to join the association, or learn more about the atmosphere and OwlMoessie spirit, be sure to read up on the info below!


Tryouts Schedule of 2022

- Tuesday, August 23d, 5 PM until 6:20 PM, Ladies' Tryouts @ HG-Hal 

- Tuesday, August 23d, 6:30 PM-7:50 PM, Men's Tryouts @ HG-Hal

- Thursday, August 25th, 5 PM - 7 PM, Men's Tryouts @ Struijkhal

- Thursday, August 25th, 7:15 PM - 9:15 PM, Ladies' Tryouts @ Struijkhal

The HG-Hal and Struijkhal are both to be found at the ACLO Sports Center. The HG-Hal can be reached by entering the ACLO building through the front door, and continuing straight ahead. For the Sturijkhal, one needs to head left upon entering the building. Then you will find the Struijkhal on your right!

Further information

The tryouts are your opportunity as a potential OwlMoessie to show off your basketball skills! Do not fret though, as the Technical Committee would like to see you play in the same way as you usually do, as this provides them with the best point of reference for your potential placement in a team that best suits your playing style. The weather will most likely cause the courts to be rather stuffy, so be sure to bring along a (reusable) water bottle! 

Please be sure to arrive 15 minutes in advance at the tryout practice. Prior to the tryouts, the Technical Committee and Candidate Board will write a number on your arm to make sure that we can identify you properly. Furthermore, the general registration process is rather time-consuming, hence our preference for all potential members to arrive early. To facilitate a smoother registration process, we would like to ask you to fill in this questionnaire. The questionnaire serves as your official enrollment for the tryouts, so filling it in is essential. Besides, we would like to ask you to send us a selfie, so that we can identify you not only by number but also by face. 

Thank you for taking into consideration our association. Though we will most likely not be able to sort all potential members into teams, we do appreciate the ways in which our vibrant student basketball association attracts players from a broad range of backgrounds. If you cannot make it to the tryouts or would like to no longer be notified of association-related matters, be sure to contact us via


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