TAC Prize: GUL1 at the racetrack

GUL1 at the racetrack

It was one of the very last hot summer days, most people were trying to stay cool by remaining in the familiar comforts of the shade, but there was 1 group of girls who knew this was their time, their time to take a risk, their time to channel their inner Max Verstappen and take to the racing tracks of Kartracing & Bowling Groningen. This is their story:

Since they became FIRST in the Team Activity Challenge ladies 1 went karting at Kartracing & Bowling Groningen on Wednesday 6 September. Sadly, the team was not complete since Monique, Leonie, Hanne, Esther and Saule were unable to make it.

The girls who were there were welcomed by a very hospitable host who welcomed them and immediately offered them some drinks. After being informed about certain rules and regulations it was time to start racing!

As might be expected, the girls started with a qualification race. In this qualification there was one clear winner: Our Frysian queen, miss Judith Peters. Nevertheless, it was an intense few minutes for all racers, so it was time for a quick break before starting the official race. Once again, we were provided with delicious refreshments from the amazing staff from Kartracing & Bowling Groningen. Unfortunately, the drinks were not enough to revive all players and Dorien had to drop out of the final race. For the remaining racers the time had come to proof themselves once and for all!

The Final race lasted 24 minutes total, meaning the girls had sufficient time to decide on their strategies and give it their best shot. Leader Judith had more competition than she had experiences throughout the entire qualification, with specifically Eline and Cora tracking her vigorously. Unfortunately for them, their efforts were in vain and Judith was once again the winner! In second place was Eline and third Cora, they were closely followed by Esmee, Janne and Aliya. An official prize ceremony took place with our winner receiving a delicious bottle of champagne.

After this exhilarating race, it was time for one last round of drinks for the girls, accompanied by some delicious bitter garni (fried snacks). The ladies had a wonderful time catching up and reflecting on the amazing times they spent together, but now it was really time to say goodbye.

All in all it was a great evening, with some wonderful racing! A BIG thank you goes out to Kartracing & Bowling Groningen for taking amazing care of the girls and making this possible.  Definetely check out their website below to find your inner racer!


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