De Groene Uilen VSE 3


De Groene Uilen VSE3 | 22-23

Ilse Ottens #3 | Guard
Pien klein Goldewijk #4 | Guard
Eve Amberlee Siland #6 | Center
Marina Ocaña #9 | Guard
Kim den Hoedt #22 | Forward
Famke van Malsen #25 | Forward
Yara van de Kreke #29 | Center
Jet Winter Practice Member

Coaches De Groene Uilen VSE3

Maro Hanafy -
Kaj Reker -

Game Schedule

Team introduction

If you see a very enthusiastic team playing with a lot of energy and fun, big chances you bumped into Groene Uilen ladies 3! We are a team who is working really hard at practices to improve ourselves to get better and play together as a team. With our team spirit and all the good help from our coaches Kaj and Maro we got the confidence to show some beautiful moves on the court and win a lot of games. 

Besides playing basketball we love to hang out with each other or support some other teams by watching their games at the WAS. Even though we are a small team with not that many members we are always represented at the activities, party’s and drinks. Also teamnights like ‘Sinterkerst’ will not be missing this season. Like Kaj would say: ‘We always want to celebrate our Mojo together!’

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