Every year, de Groene Uilen-Moestasj organizes a Charity Day, during which the club collects money for a certain charity. Below you can find the charities and the amounts of money collected from the past years. 


This year we raised money in the entire month of April for PlukN! PlukN is an initiative that focusses on nature-inclusive agriculture and a sustainable food landscape. With the money we raise for them, they can buy new plants and trees, as well as material and tools to maintain their landscape. For every 7,50 euros they can already plant a new tree! Their lanscape is located at the Westerpark (Tarralaan 4), which you can freely visit whenever you want to. They have bought this piece of land in 2017, so they are at the start of building up a beautiful forest, eventually full of food that you can pick. There are also pigs and guinea fowls walking around. As a celebratory opening of the charity month, the board has planted a peanut butter tree in the middle of the landscape. We hope that it grows out to be a beautiful tree, in the middle of other trees PlukN can plant because of the money we will donate to them! 

We've organised a couple events to collect money. The whole month people could do their sponsor run or walk by finding sponsoring. In the new canteen in the WAS there was a fun pubquiz and in Het pakhuis we collected most of the money with the auction, lead by Roelof! At the end of the month, after a lot of parties, we collected crates and bottles from OwlMoessie. All this created a total of €1515,05!! The board wants to thank everybody who contributed to this amount of money and all the effort people put in this month.


In 2018 de Groene Uilen decided to collect money for the charity Stichting Fitkids! Fitkids is a fitness- and practice programme for children of six to eighteen years with a chronical disease, disability or longlastig illness. For example, Fitkids helps children with asthma, cystic fibrosis, downsyndrom, diabetes, rheumatism, autism or congenital heart defects. The money that is collected will be used for research. To collect the money, this year a Family Mix Tournament was organized, a Charity Day Home Gameday with a lottery, an auction and Groene Uilen water bottles were sold. Additionally, two of our members, Jacob Visser and Chris Wiersema, held a clinic for the children of the local Fitkids location. The cheque that we could hand over at the end was €1841,30. We are very happy with this amount, and the board would like to thank everyone for their efforts and contributions. 

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