De Groene Uilen MSE 5

De Groene Uilen MSE 5

Level: Mannen senioren 2e klasse

Coaches De Groene Uilen MSE5

Stefan Nieuwenhuis -
Bram Rossen -

De Groene Uilen MSE5 | 22-23

Rick Rossewij #04 | Guard
Richard Borchers #05 | Forward/Guard
Mert Oflazoglu #06 | Guard
Kees Venema #10 | Forward
Stijn Mols #17 | Guard/Forward
Mats Bartram #18 | Forward/Center
Dirk Cnossen #23 | Guard/Forward
Meinte Haagsma #41 | Forward
Arno Willems #55 | Guard
Andrew Caskie #72 | Guard
Moudon Thai #89 | Guard/ Forward
Louis Beckmann #91 | Guard/ Forward
Lars de Groot #14 | Forward (Practice Member)
Jochem Zijlstra Practice Member

Team Introduction

Groene uilen Men's 5 is one big family. We’re a bunch of social dudes that love the basketball sport to bits. Most of us have played for at least 3 years together, so we’re a closely-knit group of friends on and off the court. Don't let that fool you though, as we’re always open towards new people and teammates.  During practices ,we challenge eachother to be very competitive and push ourselves to the limit. Besides hooping, we also organize a lot of fun off-court activities with one another, such as: teamevenings, BBQ’s and our classic ‘Sinterkerst’, an evening were we write poems and roast eachother. We are very active at the association's activities and like to drink beers and party. Once you join the team you’ll be joining a family and welcomed by a bunch of amazing dudes!!

Game Schedule

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