De Groene Uilen VSE 6

De Groene Uilen VSE6 | 22-23

Fardau Odinga #5 | Forward
Susanne IJdens #7 | Center
Hanna Klaassens #10 | Guard/Forward
Linda Ardenghi #12 | Guard/Forward
Marion Rijskamp #14 | Forward
Inge Enting #16 | Forward
Sanne Huisken #18 | Forward
Laura Lionarons #19 | Forward
Hannah Holstein #28 | Forward
Eleanor Willemijn van Hezel -
Elisa Shengxia Richard -
Josefine Gerisch Practice Member
Rosa Elisabeth Posthumus Practice Member
Paula Mazur Practice Member

Coaches De Groene Uilen VSE6

Joost Broek -
Simone Scholma -

Team Introduction

In Ladies 6, almost everyone (with the exception of our Inge) is new at our awesome association; De Groene Uilen Moestasj. We are happily integrating and participate in all sorts of activities. We were definitely game at the only party organized so far.
Although we only just met in September, we've become fairly close. We like to have dinner together, are not averse to a party now and then, and we're getting more fanatic at training all the time. Our enthusiastic coaches Aliya and Jorn are always there to cheer us on, both on and off the court. Especially when someone calls out for 'trek a baaaak', there is plenty of cheering (and egging) on!
The results on the court itself aren't exactly optimal (yet!), but we have made it to a local newspaper (and who can make that claim this season?). Truth be told, it wasn't because we were good, but because we got royally reamed (but we won't mention that tiny little detail). We are loving our time on the court and try the best we can. Who knows... At the end of the season we might even win a game... maybe even two!

Game Schedule

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