De Groene Uilen VSE 6


De Groene Uilen VSE6 | 22-23

Fardau Odinga #5 | Forward
Susanne IJdens #7 | Center
Hanna Klaassens #10 | Guard/Forward
Linda Ardenghi #12 | Guard/Forward
Marion Rijskamp #14 | Forward
Inge Enting #16 | Forward
Sanne Huisken #18 | Forward
Laura Lionarons #19 | Forward
Hannah Holstein #28 | Forward
Eleanor Willemijn van Hezel #22
Elisa Shengxia Richard -
Josefine Gerisch Practice Member
Rosa Elisabeth Posthumus Practice Member

Coaches De Groene Uilen VSE6

Joost Broek -
Famke van Malsen -
Simone Scholma -

Game Schedule

Team introduction

Hello hello, we are this season’s (‘22-’23) ladies 6! We are a team combined of players with experience as well as ones that are new to the sport this year. We are extremely motivated and getting better every week, of course this is also because of our amazing coaches Joost and Simone. Tuesdays and Thursdays are our favorite days, practice till late and smiles on our face. 

Because we are improving every week, we get very enthusiastic at our games. Clapping and yelling for each other for every point is something you can definitely expect to see at our games. We are even hitting a couple of three-pointers! We may not win our games but we sure have fun all the same and even if our ankles and knees are not the greatest, our heart is on fire. 

Off the field we are a gezellig team that is active at the drinks and other activities, as well as during team nights. We love to eat dinner together and already celebrated Sinterkerst en Nieuw. We are ready to keep improving and enjoying both the fun and the games this season!

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