Moestasj VSE 2


Moestasj VSE2 | 23-24

Beau Bruins Slot #3 | Forward
Renée Emma Swinkels #7 | Guard
Nikki Bonnee #9 | Guard/Forward
Heleen van Asselt #10 | Forward
Assunta L Lupsa #11 | Guard
Shahar van Straten #11 | Guard/Forward
Mare Brink #21 | Forward
Danielle Kerkhof #22 | Forward
Sophie Louise - Veri #26 | Forward
Renée Lucia Roelofsen Practice Member
Lianne van der Werff Practice Member

Coaches Moestasj VSE2

Eline van Esch Assistent Coach
Maro Hanafy Coach

Game schedule

Team introduction

Dear reader, Meet this year’s Moestasj Ladies 2! You could call us a mix up from last year’s ML2 and GL5. Our team consists of 14 great ladies, which includes 2 amazing coaches. Most of us are game members, some of us only practice members who love to catch a game from time to time ( we are still trying to convince them to be GM’s). We have many different players, which makes us a strong team together. For us it is very important to have fun in the game, and work hard for and with each other. Every week we try to be a little better. We have it very "gezellig" together, on and off the court. Sometimes a little too much. We hope to make it a great season, and make the best out of it!

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