Moestasj VSE 2


Moestasj VSE2 | 22-23

Beau Bruins Slot #3 | Forward
Merel Achterweust #4 Center
Nikki Bonnee #9 | Guard/Forward
Maureen Wachtmeester #9 | Forward
Shahar van Straten #11 | Guard/Forward
Eline Kortum #14 | Forward/Center
Lyann Siemons #21 | Forward
Lonneke Mulder #22 | Guard/Forward
Josse Laan #23 | Guard/Forward
Assunta L Lupsa -
Teresa Radig #5 | Guard/Forward
Rosan Jongsma Practice Member

Coaches Moestasj VSE2

Ruby Karsten -
Linde Wasser -

Game schedule

Team introduction

Dear reader, Meet this year’s Moestasj Ladies 2! You could call us a mix up from last year’s ML2 and GL5. Our team consists of 14 great ladies, which includes 2 amazing coaches. Most of us are game members, some of us only practice members who love to catch a game from time to time ( we are still trying to convince them to be GM’s). We have many different players, which makes us a strong team together. For us it is very important to have fun in the game, and work hard for and with each other. Every week we try to be a little better. We have it very "gezellig" together, on and off the court. Sometimes a little too much. We hope to make it a great season, and make the best out of it!

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