Become a member

Dear soon-to-be Owlmoessies,

Are you interested in playing basketball next season and want to get an impression? Sign up for the try-outs by filling in the link below.

If you already know that you want to join the association, sign up via the registration form to get a spot on the waiting list and schedule your agenda free for the try-outs! 

We hope to see you both days.

The try-outs will take place on:

Maandag August 23
20:30 - 21:45 Ladies
21:45 - 23:00 Men

Donderdag August 26
19:00 - 21:00 Men
21:00 - 23:00 Ladies

Teams and contribution

De Groene Uilen-Moestasj has in total 8 Ladies teams and 10 Mens teams. The levels of the teams vary from the 'third class' up to promotion division, so there is a good chance that there is a team that suits your skills. The Technical Committee builds the team roster.

A team consists of 12 playing members and about 3 practice members. Practice members are first placed on a waiting list at the start of the season. When all playing members are placed in a team, the practice members will be placed in a team. It is possible to play games without any basketball experience.

The contribution differs per team, depending on the level and the number of practices per week. All teams practice twice a week, with the exception of the 1st Men’s team and the 1st Ladies’ team, they practice 3 times per week. More information about the contribution per team can be found here. 

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