De Groene Uilen MSE 7

De Groene Uilen MSE 7

Level: Mannen senioren 3e klasse

Coaches De Groene Uilen MSE7

Sjoerd Koopmans -
Josse Laan -

De Groene Uilen MSE7 | 22-23

Robin Niemeijer #30 | Guard
Wytse de Haan #57 | Center
Gijs Binkhorst #8 | Forward
Olivier Leenders #51 | Center
Martijn Ruijterkamp #77 | Guard
Daniël Scheepstra #9 | Guard
Raymon Meindert Paulus Oord #25 | Forward
Jurre Muijsers #34 | Center
Markel Amo #20 | Guard
Leon De Winter #24 | Forward
Richard Jamal -
Maurits Gerrits #26 | Center

Team Introduction 


Groene Uilen M7 might be the most fun team in the associastion! The team consists of a nice mix of experienced and unexperienced ballers. After each game, we are always in to celebrate the third half. That aside, during the past year, we have been present at a Donar game to up our experience. For this season, we will work on that third half, by planning a teamweekend abroad, which will surely be one for the memories! Lot's of things are to be said about this team, but to make a long story short; we are a group of friends that love basketball.

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