Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee is responsible for publishing the club paper: the Uilebal, which occurs 6 times a year. It’s a (green) booklet with a lot of fun info, with among other things; Introducing the teams and players, nice quotes and anecdotes and juicy interviews with members. In short, everything you should know as an Owl to stay updated on what happens at the club. Why else do you think the trainers have a hard time getting their players to join them on the field on the evenings that the Uilebal is handed out? Probably because they want to read the quotes really quickly!

For questions or suggestions, please email redactie@groeneuilenmoestasj.nl.

Editorial Committee '23-'24

Eduardo Losasso Chairman
Lisa Johanna Pheifer Head of design
Vera de Vreede Secretary
Jael Kuizenga Treasurer

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