Current Board


Board 2022-2023

Yet again, this season’s board consists of seven enthusiasts that are actively trying to guide the association into the right direction. Besides the organization of activities and planning of games and practices, the board is an active representation of the association as a whole. Therefore, please do not hesitate to hit them with any questions you may have by approaching a board member or emailing Furthermore, if you have any input for the board or organization of the association, please address it in the suggestion box.

De Groene Uilen-Moestasj Bestuur 2022-2023

Aliya Al Uariachi Chairwoman
Rick Rossewij Secretary
Marie Fournier Treasurer
Jelmer Meier Internal Affairs
Sjoerd Koopmans External Affairs
Merel Achterweust Game Secretary
Maro Hanafy Technical Coordinator

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