Current Board

Board 2020-2021

For this season 7 enthusiastic people are there to ensure that everything at De Groene Uilen-Moestasj is managed well again. The arrange the organisation of activities, the planning of games and practices, keep the administration in order and are responsible for all other things that are required to keep a basketball club up and running. If you have any questions, you can ask one of these people or send an email to

De Groene Uilen-Moestasj Bestuur 2020-2021

Soeraya Mohamed el Hag Chairwoman
Cees Jelle Bregman Secretary
David Jaap Scholten Treasurer
Linde Wasser Internal Affairs
Richard Richard Borchers External Affairs
Renée Lucia Roelofsen Game secretary
Eve Amberlee Siland Technical Coordinator

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