Did you already see OwlMoessies walking around with their amazing SmartBags and did it make you curious about if it's possible to get one yourself?

It is possible! The links on the bottom of this page will take you to their website! There you can order the Smartbags yourself. 

Smartbags Classic Large
Smartbags Classic Small


You can choose between the SmartBags Classic +(on the left) and the smaller size bag: the SmartBag Classic (on the right). The logo of De Groene Uilen-Moestasj will be printed on the bags without additional costs. However, if you want to personalize your bag any further, there will be extra costs involved. For the 'name', you can choose for yourself whatever you want. For example, you can choose for your nickname or for your full name. It's all possible! For your 'number' you can choose whether you want a hashtag in front of it or not. 

In case you are interested; 

Here is the link to the Smartbag Classic.

Here is the link to the Smartbag Classic +.


Smartbag Classic: €55,-

Smartbag Classic + : €65

Personalisation Printed: €10

(For Name and/or Number)

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