De Groene Uilen MSE 3

De Groene Uilen MSE 3

Level: Mannen senioren 1e klasse

Coaches Groene Uilen MSE3

Loïs Sinnige -
Jef de Vries -

De Groene Uilen MSE3 | 23-24

Kaan Yelmer #4 | Guard
Rinse Alkema #6 | Forward
Niklas Nils Becker #8 | Guard
Bram Rossen #12 | Guard
Mark Huender #13 | Guard
Max Reinders #16 | Center
Keje Weersink #26 | Forward
Jort Draaisma #32 | Forward
Remco Lap #57 | Guard
Bas Swaving #42 | (Shooting) Guard
Davide Merlo #73 | Forward
Mantas Bilotas #91 | Forward
Marti Mas Clua Practice Member
Arlo Glanzberg Anderson Practice Member

Team Introduction

As the most handsome team of the Groene Uilen Moestasj, GUM3, we have the same team as last year + Titus. And with Remco back from his 4 month vacation and Frank pretending to play healthy we have a good shot at the championship. Although as I am writing this, we only have six healthy players available for the upcoming game and Remco is always at verjaardagen, so it's not going to be easy. And we are missing our beloved Bram.
We love you Bram!
We love you Bram!
We love you Bram!
We love you Bram!

Game Schedule

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