De Groene Uilen VSE 4

De Groene Uilen VSE4 | 22-23

Rozemarijn van Dijk -
Josien Gebben -
Paulien Geertsema -
Kaat van Meegen -
Regina Munoz -
Sophie Louise - Veri -
Lauri Lulofs -
Anna Marije Maria Brouwer -
Marianne van der Ven -
Lotte Anne-Fleur van der Laan -
Jildou Westerdijk -
Priscilla Mulder -

Coaches De Groene Uilen VSE4

Roelof van de Riet -
David Jaap Scholten -

Team Introduction

So, who or what is Ladies 4? Well for starters, we are by far De Groene Uilen's most fun team ;p! Despite the fact that we are persistently regarded as a wimpy team, we actually get stuff done both on- and off the court. Our classification as a wimpteam has to do with our talent of going into every game with a full bench. Sadly enough, most people on the bench are also injured but that's besides the point! I can see you wonder, how come? Well, we love beer and Brie! That being said, our group chat is fittingly named; Dames 4 bier of Dames 4 brie <3. So of course, you can expect us to bring along some good beers and brie on our teamdates. Though men's 5 is our favorite team to date, we also had some fun evenings with other teams, such as performing K3 dances with Men' s 4! At this point, we're rambling, but it is good to know that all of our members are epxected to know the dance to K3's famous song; Oya Lele. To make a long story short, make sure to check out our fun team, either in the WAS or at a bar dancing and singing to Oya Lele. 

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