Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do I sign up?

You can register via the button “Membership" -> registration form. After filling in the registration form, you will get a confirmation as soon as possible.

If you would like to sign up for the current season, you will be placed on a waiting list. As soon as a spot comes free in the right team, we will contact you for a try out.

If you would like to sign up for the next season, you will be invited to the general try outs. In regular seasons, these will take place in May and August, but due to the corona restrictions, these data are not certain. We will keep everyone who is interested updated about this issue.

Can I join a team for a couple of practices?

Before you have to make the final decision, you can test the atmosphere in three practices. During these practices you can decide for yourself wether you like the sport and/or the team. Requesting a try out is possible after you have registered via the registration form and when you are the first person on the waiting list. In this case our technical coördinator will get in contact with you.

What is the difference between a practice-member and a game-member?

A practice-member only participate in practices and is excluded from playing in the general competition. He/she, however, is allowed to come and support the team during the games. A game-member participates both in practices and games.

In a complete season a training-member is allowed to participate in (at maximum) 3 games if the team is not playing in national competition.

How much will I pay?

Via the button "Our club” one can navigate to “HR, Statutes en Fees”. Here one can find the current contribution fees for practice- and game-members. This contribution fee needs to be combined with an ACLO-card. With this card you are allowed to enjoy all of the facilities from the ACLO. This ACLO-card can be supplemented with a fitness membership at the ACLO. You can find more information on https://www.aclosport.nl/tarieven/.

On what level can I play basketball at the Groene Uilen - Moestasj?

Our teams play in competitions from the lowest till the second-to-highest level of the Netherlands. Below you can find an overview of all teams. 

Onze teams komen uit in competities op het laagste niveau tot het één na hoogste niveau van Nederland (de Promotiedivisie). Hieronder zie je een overzicht van alle teams.

Ladies' teams:

Groene Uilen Ladies' 1 plays in the National Promotion Division.

Groene Uilen Ladies' 2 plays Second division (national).

Groene Uilen Ladies' 3, Moestasj Ladies' 1 and Groene Uilen Ladies' 4 play in the first league (regional).

Groene Uilen Ladies' 6, Moestasj Ladies' 2 and Groene Uilen Ladies' 5 play in the second league (regional).

Men's teams:

Groene Uilen Men's 1 plays in the National Promotion Division.

Groene Uilen Men's 2 plays Second division (national).

Groene Uilen Men's 3 play in the first league (regional).

Groene Uilen Men's 4, Groene Uilen Men's 5 en Moestasj Men's 1 play in the second league (regional).

Moestasj Men's 2, Groene Uilen Men's 6, Moestasj Men's 3 en Groene Uilen Men's 7 play in the third league (regional).

Are there any other obligations?

In regular seasons the Groene Uilen - Moestasj organises a lot of events, activities and courses throughout the year. These are ofcourse not obligatory, but they are a lot of fun! 

All members that have played at at basketball association before joining us are required to perform table-and referee-duties and shoud posess a BS2 referee-diploma. In the case you did not aquire the necessary diploma's to fulfill this task, you can follow courses at the start of the season. 

How do the contribution fees change regarding corona?

Due to the corona measures, the season is on hold as we speak. At the end of the season there will be a sum up of all of costs that the association will recover. Depending on this amount, we can decide what share of the contribution fees will be refunded.

If you are still left with any questions regarding this issue, you can always contact Marie Fournier at penningmeester@groeneuilenmoestasj.nl.

Can I still play if I am not a RUG/Hanzehogeschool student anymore? 

If you have completed a study at the RUG of the Hanzehogeschool, you can still enjoy being a member for three more years. After three years, an ACLO-card is impossible to purchase.

If you are doing a study at the NHL Stenden Hogeschool or a different university or college, you have to purchase a special type of ACLO-card. There is a limited amount cards reserved for these type of students, so you have to be quick to aquire these cards.

Can I become coach of a team?

Of course! There are 18 teams within the Groene Uilen-Moestasj that play at almost all levels one can think of. You can hence join us as a coach with a lot of experience, but also as a beginner. 

What a special name, how come?

The name “G.S.B.V. De Groene Uilen-Moestasj” originates from 2018 when G.S.B.V. De Groene Uilen and G.S.B.V. Moestasj merged into one association. This fusion has lead to this special name and makes us the largest student basketball association of the Netherlands! And probably the association with the longest name as well.

Note that in the competitions you can still find "De Groene Uilen” en “Moestasj” individually,  but in reality we are association.

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