Moestasj MSE 3

Moestasj MSE 3

Level: Mannen senioren 3e klasse 

Coaches Moestasj MSE3

Mark Huender -
Patrick Vogel -
Moestasj H3

Moestasj MSE3

Wout-Jan van Huizen #11 | Forward
Niels Horn #7 | Forward
Juan Jose Gutierrez Amador #1 | Center
Nedas Adeikis #5 | Guard
Bram Hektor #8 | Forward
Maro Hanafy #34 | Forward
Abdullah hopovac #14 | Center
Lars Vosselman #4 | Forward
Vincent Zhang #23 | Forward
Alec Niyonkuru #20 | Guard
Gerko Nathan Wijnants Practice member
Fynn Assent #63 | Center
Michael Bos #3 | Center
Catalin Zaharia Practice Member

Team Introduction

Welcome to Moestasj Mens 3 (aka the PartySquad) of the Green Owl-Moestasj club. We train until Patrick and Mark see us sweat and we win with more points against Green Owls Mens 7 than we have fingers combined.We have our partycore built around Maro of the Tournament Committee, who drags everyone with him to teamevenings and drinks. BIG facts: If you flip the age of our 2nd oldest player (Walmart Curry) you get the age of our oldest player (Layup Master Vincent) 😊 24-42

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