Moestasj VSE 1


Moestasj VSE1 | 23-24

Liset Ottens #3 | Guard
Sabien Feitsma #5 | Forward/Guard
Eve Amberlee Siland #6 | Center
Irene Westerdijk Martín #7 | Forward
Marina Ocaña #9 | Guard
Jet Winter #13 | Forward
Simone Scholma #15 | Forward
Lisa Johanna Pheifer #22 | Forward
Ilse Ottens #30 | Guard
Carlinde Zijlstra #41 | Center
Anna Lena Weisselberg #66 | Center
Marie Fournier Practice Member
Alexandra Geis Practice Member

Coaches Moestasj VSE1

Rianne Durkstra -
Kaj Reker -

Team introduction

Hi everyone! This is Moestasj ladies 1 of ’22-’23. We are a combined team of new players in the association as well as players previously playing for Groene Uilen ladies 3 and 4. With this new combination of players we love playing together as a fast team in the competition. We also love to hang out with eachother on teamnights where we mostly eat a perfect (and veggie) meal prepared by Floor and end the night playing fun games with eachother. Besides that we take the team activity challenge really serious this year and plan on taking home the trophy (and hopefully a championship *fingers crossed*)! Come see us play at the WAS!!

Game Schedule

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