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Are you or someone else interested in becoming a partner of De Groene Uilen-Moestasj? You can find several options mentioned in our sponsor brochure, but De Groene Uilen-Moestasj is also open for your input. The brochure and additional information can be obtained by contacting De Groene Uilen-Moestasj. Get in contact either by phone through one of the contacts mentioned on this page or contact us by e-mail:

Sponsor Committee

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Current Partners

Physiotherapy Beuzenberg

Physiotherapy Beuzenberg is the physiotherapy partner of our association. In our practice we use the latest research and treatment techniques such as ultrasound, shockwave therapy, dry needling and EPTE therapy. Physiotherapy Beuzenberg has two locations in the center of Groningen. At the Noorderhaven 18 and Westerhaven 64 in the center of Groningen. Our team consists of nine young motivated physiotherapists who are specialized in: manual therapy, sports physiotherapy, headache complaints, ultrasound examination, dry needling, shockwave therapy, EPTE therapy, edema therapy and medical tape.

- Members of the Groene Uilen- Moestasj can make an appointment within 24 hours

- Every Monday from 18:00 to 19:00 there is a free walk-in hour for members at the practice on the


- Appointment via WhatsApp possible: 0615544791

For more information, visit our website or contact us.Physiotherapy Beuzenberg

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Smartbags is one of Groene Uilen-Moestasj's new sponsors. The company owner is the proud designer of multi-functional sports bags with separate compartments for everything you can possibly imagine. Besides their high functioning level, the bags also look nice! A lot of our members are already proud owners. In case you are interested, go to Our Club > Merchandise & Smartbags (for members) or visit Smartbags website. 

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Huurdokters has the mission to promote a fair rental market for everyone. Huurdokters can help you with all sorts of problems such as excessive rent, the settlement of service costs, mediation costs or the remedying of defects in the home. Huurdokters has already helped many (international) students through mediation with owners and conducting court cases, always according to no-cure no-pay. Through this link you can register yourself or someone else for a free rental check and at the same time support the association.

Logo Huurdokters

Domino's Pizza has been a partner of De Groene Uilen-Moestasj for a couple of years now. The pizzeria possesses multiple subsidiaries in Holland and their subsidiary in Paddepoel (which is one of many in Groningen) serves our gym almost every Saturday. If you haven't had one of their pizza's or famous American cookies before, make sure you do soon! 

Logo Domino's

Het Pakhuis

Het Pakhuis is the newest sponsor for de Groene Uilen-Moestasj. Situated in a small alleyway of the Peperstraat, it possesses a wonderful combination of a central position in the city while still preserving a harmonious ambiance. Het Pakhuis is a restaurant as well as a pub, and offers our members a bar deal consisting of a student meal (both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian forms) and a drink for €10,-. Het Pakhuis will also be the home of this year's monthly drinks on Thursdays.  The entire ground floor, consisting of a bar area and a dance floor, is exclusive for members of the Groene Uilen-Moestasj until 02:00. During these hours, we will receive 10% of the revenue as sponsorship money by  the end of the year. 
Besides the monthly drinks, other events and/or parties could potentially  take place at this location. Additionally, Het Pakhuis is, in consultation, available for events of our members like birthday or graduation parties. De Groene Uilen-Moestasj will promote Het Pakhuis on its  website and Social Media pages. In return, they will sponsor us with a fixed percentage of their revenue during our exclusive events and drinks. We have also established a guaranteed minimum sponsorship sum in return for our promotion actions, in case we are not able to have monthly drinks due to COVID-19.
The establishment of an  initial contact with the executive employee was swift and pleasant, and we hope for a Successful and fruitful collaboration on both sides this year.


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