De Groene Uilen MSE 6

De Groene Uilen MSE 6

Level: Mannen senioren 3e klasse

Coaches Groene Uilen MSE6

Djon Berghorst -
Paul Kölling -
Kees Venema -

De Groene Uilen MSE6 | 23-24

Juan Jose Gutiérrez #1 | Center
Lars Vosselman #4 | Forward
Niels Horn #7 | Forward
Bram Hektor #8 | Forward
Mojtaba Reza #10 | Guard/Forward
Aleksandar Jovanovic #15 | Center
Eamon Lyons #21 | Guard/Forward
Colin Airell Cantaert #22 | Guard
Noah Kaiser #26 | Forward
Efe Nazif Kayalibay #27 | Guard
Sander Mulder #66 | Guard
Lukas Pieter Andreas Bonting #91 | Forward
Jelmer Hidding Practice Member
Samarth Bhatia Practice Member
Julian Moolenburgh Practice Member

Team Introduction 

Men’s 6 is a nice mix of old and new members. From the start of the season, we started building the team on the court, as well as off the court.
Under the guidance of our coaches, Saskia and Biko, our basktballgame has been improving from the beginning, and it continues to. With the focus on hard work, effort and teamplay, we managed to win some games, putting us in the mid-range of our competition.
Besides playing basketball, we also like to do stuff together outside of the court. This can be joining fun activities and parties organised by the club, or having our teamnights and mixing with other teams.
Alltogether, men’s 6 has a nice balance between basketball and fun, which makes it a great team to play in.

Game Schedule

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