Confidential Advisors

At De Groene Uilen-Moestasj, we strive to ascertain an inclusive, safe and enriching experience for all. To serve this purpose, a zero tolerance policy has been established to provide steps on how to cope any form of violence or sexual intimidation. This way, we as an association, take an active stance against bullying, violence, conflicts and aggression. By ascertaining the inclusion of all who come in contact with our association, we hope to welcome all members equally,

Despite these efforts, situations can arise where the safety, security and inclusivity of members has not been ascertained after all. Forms of boundary transgression continue to occur within the broader student and sports worlds, resulting in instances where people do no longer feel safe playing sports. To provide aid in instances in which such transgressions took place, our association has installed two confidential advisors who function as independent agents within the association. 

Examples of situations where it is best to contact our confidential advisors incur forms of bullying, aggression, discrimination and sexual intimidation or assault. Needless to say, such situations produce contexts in which one no longer feels safe. In such instances, it can be nice to get in touch with one of our confidential advisors, not only to deal with the situation at hand, but also to initiate steps where such forms of conduct will be prevented. Consequently, we hope you could find the headspace in such situations to get in touch with one of our confidential advisors by making an appointment to discuss the situation via email or phone. 

Contact with the confidential advisors remains confidential unless instances occur where the situation needs to be dealt with externally. Taking into account the Rijksoverheid’s and Dutch Basketball Federation’s (NBB) legislation with regards to sexually transgressive behavior and any form of conduct that does not correspond with the (disciplinary) law, our confidential advisors may be necessitated to direct you to other instances who can help prevent forms of transgressive behavior in the future. However, even in instances where this is the case, we would advise you to make an appointment with our confidential advisors so that they could help out with the situation and with preventing such situations from reoccurring.

Below, you will find some personal information about our confidential advisors, their position within the association and their contact information. If you face any unwanted experiences in the context of our association, please get in touch to make an appointment. 

Confidential Advisors

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