Costs of a membership

Of course, a year of membership at a fun basketball association like ours does not come for free. At De Groene Uilen-Moestasj, the amount of costs consists of:

1.     Contribution fee

2.     ACLO Card 

3.     Fines (only when members do not comply with the HR, see fine list)

The amount of the contribution fee is dependent on the team you are playing for. You authorize us as an association to withdraw both above-mentioned payments in accordance with the HR by signing the authorization form (which is part of your application form).

Important: When you do not sign out in time (before the 1st of June), a fine will be recharged. When you, subsequently, have not signed out before the 1st of July, your membership will be tacitly extended with a full season. In case you are interested in the full story behind this process: read through the HR! In that way, you will not face unpleasant surprises. 

In the table below, you can find the current contribution fees by team: 

TeamContribution fee
Groene Uilen Men's 1, Ladies 1€475
Groene Uilen Men's 2, Ladies 2


Moestasj Ladies 1€310
Groene Uilen Men's 3, Ladies 3€270
Moestasj Ladies 2€270
Groene Uilen Men's 4-7, Ladies 4-5€245
Moestasj Men's 1-3, Ladies 3€245
Practice member Groene Uilen Men's 1, Ladies 1€165
Practice member other teams€140
Bench player Groene Uilen Men's 1, Ladies 1€80

Note: If it is indicated that you will only play for half a season at a (re)enrollment or before the silent elongation, this will be taken into account with the determination of the contribution. A member then pays the full union contribution and half of the club contribution, which will result in a little more than half of the contribution for a full year.

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